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  • CONGRATULATIONS! The entire PUMA team, is delighted with your product. They do not stop communicating me the success we had in finding you as suppliers. They love the flavour, presentation, punctuality, and attention you provide. We knew that this would be the beginning of a great commercial relationship.

    Adriana Grijalva

    General Services Supervisor

  • Zitrone is a great option for your business meetings, coffee breaks and any other event. It helps you with alternative options and their great variety in snacks and main dishes. You simply forget to look for other providers because Zitrone has it all, always counting on their excellent quality in both service and food.

    Rocío Gutiérrez

    Givaudán México

  • Zitrone Natural offers a great variety of products, always customizing their menu to each company’s needs, always giving an excellent service, practical, functional and extremely efficient.

    Erika Contreras

    Credit Suisse México

  • Excellent customer service, very helpful staff, the food cart has great presentation with diverse, healthy and good food products.

    Jimena Kreusler

    German Centre Mexico

  • For IDEAR, the networking that is generated in the programs and courses is fundamental on our student`s learning skills; the food service that provides Zitrone Natural for the students even has generated to close business among students since they provide abundant, healthy, and high quality food, we have the guarantee to offer a first level education service in our educational programs thanks to Zitrone.

    Ernesto Gómez

    Director General Idear

  • Zitrone as a food provider always offers us the best product at the best price. It definitely meant a big change for us, now we count with a great variety of products in our menu with fresh food, and great flavor. They always find the way to help us with extra services, the availability and customer service completely sets them apart.

    Laura Almaraz

    HRBP Nissan LATAM

  • The quality in their food products as well as in their customer service is excellent, everything is in perfect conditions, and the variety of their products is great. Always thinking in the health and the perfect balance for our employees. We are very happy with Zitrone.

    Mónica Chang

    Office Coordinator

  • Zitrone really sets themselves apart with their quality, effort and great attitude from all of their team members; which all together accomplish to give us the best service in our dining hall.

    Alejandra Cerrilla

    Uber Mexico City Office Manager

  • Zitrone represents a wise choice as our provider in our dining hall, deli-snack and food cart. They are aligned with our Total Balance program, offering fresh and high quality product, as well as healthy, without leaving the office; this results in higher productivity and well-being for our employees.

    Dina Murga

    Talent Attraction, DHL Global Forwarding México

  • Zitrone offers a great variety of healthy breakfast and lunch options which has given us health and quality food at our office door and at our business meetings without having to leave the office; and use that time wisely in our daily company’s chores.

    Yolanda Bulnes

    Administration German Centre Mexico

  • Zitrone Natural simply: excellent people, service with top quality products.

    Lorena de la Torre

    Site Manager - Deutsche Bank Mexico. Implant CBRE Mexico CWS